Velia Sampson and The Silver Rings

‘Velia Sampson and The Silver Rings’ is my Fan-fiction based in the world of the harry potter series. It is set after Harry went to Hogwarts, but I am using a completely unrelated character as the protagonist. I wanted to add a different feel to the text, and not bore readers with a similar character to Harry, Ron or Hermione, or indeed them themselves. Utilising one of their children as the main character is just too obvious in my mind, (although look out in the text for characters you have heard of already!) so I decided upon a completely different character whom I named Velia Sampson.

I have tried to keep my work as much to canon as possible, and so it could have really happened after the famous Harry Potter series. I just loved the world that JK Rowling created, and I wanted to see my own ideas and stories come to life within it. Obviously all credit to JK where names, places and ideas are concerned, I don’t own or claim to own any of her material.

To accompany my writing I have drawn illustrations which is just a bit of fun on my part as they don’t add much to the actual story, but they make the viewing more pleasurable I hope. The technique I used for these illustrations is one of my signature styles, I think I shall reveal this in a later post. (Please don’t copy or distribute these illustrations or claim them as your own, thanks)

This is the synopsis of the story-

Velia Sampson goes to Hogwarts in the year 2022, where she is starting her NEWTs in the sixth year. She would usually be happy to be returning, but this year she feels left out, especially when she gets bullied by Slytherins. As the year goes on Velia uncovers a secret, and gets herself wrapped up in the strange world of Scorpius Malfoy. Will she feel accepted again or will her curiosity lead to trouble?



I am going to post the chapters to this story in parts. There will be this sticker on the posts with the stories in, or come back here to find the links to them.

Chapter one- Train Compartments: Part 1, part 2




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