The essence of things


Look at this little beauty! The answer to all my problems… well at least the ones involving green tea.

This was one of my favourite Christmas presents from this year, although I had previously asked for Matcha green tea powder, I was thrilled when receiving this adorable bottle.

In many recipes I’ve been browsing (courtesy of Pinterest) the flavour of green tea has been used, which to me sounds delicious as tea is my favourite drink, and you just can’t go wrong with the healthy, low caffeine, no-milk option of green tea. When pulling up the recipes on different people’s sites, my excitement was crushed every time I read the words ‘Matcha powder’. What was this stuff? I pondered for hours and hours, until I regained sense and Googled it like any other normal person would.

Match powder is actually a type of green tea that hails from Japan. ‘Stone ground Japanese style green tea’ good old Wikipedia says, and I can only believe this god of a website. Apparently it’s great in baking as you just add it to the dry ingredients.

I have been longing to bake with the flavour of green tea, and this essence will be great to try out. Watch this space for my experiments (cooking = disaster) with this new flavour!



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