Train Compartments: Part 1


Train Compartments

Velia Sampson took a deep breath and thrust herself forward. Her feet were running across the platform, her hands pushing the large trolley, and her heart was beating fast. The barrier in front of her rushed towards her and she winced as she closed her eyes.

The impact that would have come, didn’t. A weird sensation came over her and immersed her in a tickling feeling, awkward but strangely pleasant. As quickly as it had hit her the feeling went and her body lurched forward. Even though she’d done this so many times before it was still a shock. Especially every time her eyes were met with the sight before her.

There was a massive maroon coloured steam engine sitting in the station that just appeared for her. It was chucking out billows of white steam which was creating a dream-like quality to all the hustle and bustle that happened around it. People were standing, walking and running around the platform, talking, laughing and crying as parents sobbed goodbye to their children. Velia had already said goodbye to her parents who had just dropped her off at Kings Cross from the car. She didn’t want to be included in any touching little farewell scene. She hated goodbyes. And anyway her parents were just muggles, just ordinary people with no magic. But Velia was lucky, she had magic. She was a witch. And she attended Hogwarts school for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Velia moved from her stationary position, so other people could get through the barrier behind her leading to the platform, she was now standing on, called platform nine and three quarters. She’s never really understood why it was three quarters and not a half, because the entrance is exactly in between platforms nine and ten back in Kings Cross. The barrier would surely just be separated in half and not into quarters, she always mused as she took her usual glance at the weathered sign hanging above her giving the platform its name.

The bird cage balanced on the top of Velia’s trolley was starting to shake as the small screech owl inside it commenced to get excited at all the life going on around it. It’s little beak was producing a screeching noise.

Velia started to meander between the crowds of witches, wizards and muggles, looking out for any of her fellow sixth years. They must all be on the train, she thought and then began looking in the windows as she past them.

She walked first past the front of the train which included the carriages where the Ravenclaw students usually sat. She then went by carriages where younger students were hysterically talking and generally being excited. The next compartments included a mix of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, but none of her friends. She continued past the next part of the train which held gloating, stuck up Slytherins boasting of their excellent holidays or what strange dark artifacts they had discovered. She was reaching the end of the train when she heard a shout from behind, that she couldn’t decipher over all the other noise.

*   *   *

SERIES STICKERThis post is in the series ‘Velia Sampson and The Silver Rings’ which is a Harry Potter fan-fiction I have written. I am posting the chapters in parts.

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Illustrations copyright the flower child named Jasmine

I don’t own any of the places or names used in this text that are original to The Harry Potter series, they were written by JK Rowling. This is my own work of fiction based upon them, so please don’t copy this text or claim it as your own.

Next part coming soon,



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