Breaking The Breakfast Fast

Breakfast is something I haven’t eaten for a long time, I’ve always had to rush in the morning and the mere thought of eating anything made me a little sick. If anyone talks about anything to do with a healthy diet, they say you should always eat breakfast, but I’ve never been able to go by this. I’ve found that I’m less inclined to snack and over-eat in the day if I don’t have breakfast, rather than the other way round like people boast. I can’t be the only one like this can I?

So basically I’ve had a fast on morning meals (I hope you get the pun). But now I have decided to break this (still playing the pun), and eat breakfast.


Why? For many reasons… my mood has been low recently, and I can hardly blame it, I’ve been losing motivation for my studies and find it hard to concentrate on work. While my low moods are good for writing, they are not much good for anything else. One natural way to get myself back on track (pardon the annoyingly obvious cliché) is to maintain a healthy diet, including things that promote good moods. With a bit of research this should be omega-3, selenium, vitamins like B3 and B12, definitely protein, healthy carbs and fibre, antioxidants, apparently magnesium and zinc and something called tryptophan. These can be found in nuts, seeds, wholegrains, fresh fruit, fish (if you’re not vegetarian, which I am), certain vegetables, and all sorts of other things, and all the usual ‘healthy stuff’. Adding some of these into my diet will be interesting, and probably short lived, but I may as well try. Living with my family means that my mother cooks tea, and buys all the food and mainly prepares it for me. However, I am left to create whatever breakfast I so desire, and can easily manipulate it to include some of those good mood inducing foods, and use it to wake me up in the process.


So far on my ‘eat breakfast regime’, I have had porridge, scrambled eggs, toast, and cereal. All very nice, but I need to find a way of shoving more good foods in them, so I’m keeping a look out for interesting recipes, and thinking of my own ideas. I’ll be pinning away on Pinterest, so take a look at my Breakfast board.

I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to eat my breakfast (yeah right, it’s half term, lay-in for me)


P.s (I’m loving my use of parenthesis in this post)


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