Blood Orange Tea Cocktail (non-alcoholic)

I love tea, I love oranges, I love mocktails – It’s valentines day, so let’s celebrate these loves!



This obviously isn’t a proper cocktail, as there’s no alcohol involved, but I wanted to make it a sophisticated drink, and also use my cute mini straws and cocktail stirrers I got last Christmas. The tea I have used is Twinnings Cranberry and blood orange, which to be honest, isn’t my favourite tea, and gives off a very weird smell when brewing. I added a couple of regular teabags as well, to give it the proper tea flavour. The result is very bitter, so in went some sugar (who am I kidding, lots of sugar). I left this to chill overnight, with some sliced orange to add more flavour.


I gave the mixture a nice shake in my cocktail shaker with some crushed ice. I love this cocktail shaker, it’s clear unlike professional ones, so you can see the beautiful liquid inside, and you can judge when you should stop shaking. There’s also white markings on the outside which tell you the amount and constituents of popular drinks, I’ve never used this feature but it makes a nice design.

This beautiful red colour is what I wanted to harness for this valentines appropriate drink. The flavour was mainly coincidental, it’s a sweet but bitter taste, and the tea is definitely obvious.


I decided to add a sugared rim to these double shot glasses that I used. This is the first time I’ve attempted it, and it didn’t go too badly! A little splodgy and messy, but essentially sweet and a sophisticated (ish) look. Dunked in the orange juice first, then the sugar.



Of course I had to make cute little heart shapes out of the oranges, mainly for my heart collection.





DSC_0634 edit



Wish I could really share this with someone today, (but to be honest I enjoyed drinking yours as well),

Love to you,



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