Valentine I Love You

Dear Valentine…

Valentine? that’s a weird name, and I wonder who it was, and why so many people write cards and letters and soppy poems to him every year on the 14th of February…

Of course, I know who valentine was, the guy who secretly married people; the martyr who has become the name of anonymity when writing all things lovey dovey.

Of course I love Valentines day, it would be a bit contradictory to hate valentines day wouldn’t it, and even though I love irony I don’t think I would stretch it that far. I love to love, and love anybody and everything, in true flower child nature (I don’t even argue with my sisters, promise [ish]). Valentines day means to me, not a day of swearing undying love to a boyfriend (haven’t had [not claiming ownership] one until now anyway), but a day of appreciating love and giving love, to close friends and family. So to anyone reading this, St valentine who started it all, and especially to YOU (yes you, you silly);

valentine i love you

There is one thing I dislike about valentines day, and that’s the over commercialisation, and the expectation. I despise all of the stereotypical mushy stuff, all the OTT things you can buy, the way it’s a money making thing. Also I’m not really a present person, and I find it awkward gifting and getting gifts, because surely actions and words mean more than materialism? I think it’s a bit much to sum your love up with an expensive gift, a ‘romantic’ dinner etc etc etc. It’s all materialism! And the way that people expect it, get annoyed if they don’t receive it, and think that their love should have to do something on this day. I don’t think loving should be limited or pressurised to being on one day. For me, valentines day is an excuse to go thematic, with colours, design, costume, food, words, etc, and not the only day when love is spilling out of your ears. Everyday should be filled with love, and everyday you should celebrate the important people in your life.

What symbolises love better than a heart, the organ which feels the emotion? of course I know this is the rather primitive view of emotion being in the blood, therefore from the heart. Really with our advances in science a brain should symbolise love, but you know us humans, old-fashioned and sentimental, it has to be a heart. Yet not even an atomically correct heart, which I’ve heard that some people get annoyed about, you know, those biology geeks (calling them that in the most affectionate sense!)

This year for Valentines day, I have been collecting hearts. Not real ones of course, that might be messy and with a little too much Jack-the-Ripper style (eww, only I am capable of bringing that subject up when talking about love)… I gave myself a little photography project to take pictures of things that are heart shaped, that have hearts on, or are pink and red coloured. This included strange things cut into hearts (don’t you love heart-shaped cookie cutters), and arrangements in heart shapes, and all sorts.

So here we are: my hearts (I’m secretly a timelord you see), and I give them all to YOU,

hearts for you bead box chocolate box cookie cutter Cushion leafDSC_0660 Blood orange tea cocktail - full post label fairybread flowery fabric Inside chocolates marmalade toast necklace post itpapermatchsticksrose petalsscarf screwed up paper Shortbread sugar on parchment suitcase wooden roses

Love, love, love, to all,



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