Pancake Toppers

Why do we as humans need to make everything into a celebration or excuse to make and eat lots of food? Why do we make everything over the top and worth shouting about? Well, because we love living of course, or should do in some people’s cases (we all know there are miserable people in the world). This is why we make such a big thing of pancake day, even if it’s not really needed.

We need this celebration to give us hope, in this bleak time of year, that spring is on it’s way! We need to be able to be creative with yet another celebration day (it’s not like we just had valentines day!) We need an excuse to eat good sweet food!’


There is a trend for these cute things called ‘toppers’, basically meaning sticking things in the top of food that make it look attractive. This is mainly for cakes (I’ve never seen it with things like pizza, which would be interesting to say the least).

To make my pancakes a little more creative this year I’ve crafted some toppers. they were simply made with a piece of folded paper being glued onto a cocktail stick with hand drawing and lettering on the front. I initially made the bee thinking I could made a stack of pancakes to look like a beehive and that the little bee would fly above. I didn’t do this in the end, but the bee still looked really cute. I also made some flags that said happy pancake day, and I made some for me and my two sisters with our names on.


We’ve always had pancakes, just simple ones we have for desert for our tea, the really thin ones that you can wrap things in, more like crepes to be honest. My dad has always made them (mum’s scared of frying!) and it’s become a bit of a ritual with the set toppings of lemon, sugar, and golden syrup, me of course opting for all of them. We’ve recently been allowed Nutella, and I’ve taken a liking to Marmite on pancakes… but also honey.

The last few years have also brought pancakes for breakfast (too much sugar in a day!) made by my little sister, who has a special pancake maker which gives each one a smile, which I think is adorable. The recipe has buttermilk in, and is delicious (especially with Marmite, honestly, try it).

Today we had brunch, with pancakes and various toppings, followed by toast and scrambled eggs (I know, sweet then savoury!) I displayed the flags in the lemon halves, as I love the look of lemons, and we had our own for our pancakes anyway.






I chose three smileys and added lemon and sugar to the first one, maple syrup to the next, and honey to the last, stacking them together. (That smiley just looks so happy that he’s being coated in honey! :3 ) I then stuck in my topper, claiming these pancakes as my own. I can now say, ‘it’s got my name on it!’




This is my sisters pancake stack, with a blob of jam. Yes her name is also a flower.


Presentation in a lemon… why not.


I hope everyone had a happy pancake day,



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