Chinese New Year Garland

It’s Chinese new year, and it happens to be the year of the sheep, which makes me chuckle a bit at an in-joke…

But anyway… I think that January needs cheering up with a few festivities, and we’ve already had a few (see Valentines day and Pancake day). My Chinese friend is always a bit secretive with her culture and celebrations, so I have to question her about things that they do and eat etc. Whenever I visit her house there is always: some interesting food cooking in the kitchen (last time Chinese dumplings); a new jar of lucky stars on her shelf; a strange anime programme that she’s watching; and some new cute stationary ordered in from Hong-Kong. All this seems very different from British culture, but she assures me that it’s all very Englishised (more like Americanized). I’m always interested in other cultures, and would love to visit China, but for now I have to bring the Chinese influence into my British life.


I love lanterns. This is mainly because you can put candles in them and they look so pretty. I made this garland (more like a wall hanging thing) with shapes inspired by lanterns. The tassels are made form tissue paper, and the lantern shapes from special honeycomb tissue paper. I also added some little red envelopes, to relate to the tradition of giving money in red envelopes on Chinese new year. These were made with a stamp that cuts and presses a mini envelope (they’re so cute!), gold pen to draw symbols on the front, and a chocolate coin wrapper to look like a coin.

I then hung this from the ceiling in the bay-window at the front of our house.


DSC_0090DSC_0087 2


This envelope has the symbol for Hope…

…and this one love…


… this one happiness…


…and this one peace…


… all values I attempt to promote everyday.


I wish you hope, love, happiness, peace, and most importantly luck (with the red colour), on this new Chinese year,



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