College Interview

Today was my college interview to apply for an art and design foundation course. I have applied for this course for many reasons, obviously it’s in my interest and the direction I want to go, but because I don’t want to go to university quite yet, I’m not completely sure what to study at university, and I need more experience of different mediums and types of design.


Going into this interview I was very nervous, as I am whenever I do something new. It’s like my body will show signs of nerves even if my mind is fairly settled. I was trying to convince myself that they wouldn’t intentionally be nasty or not consider my application, with my talent and enthusiasm and the all inclusive course I was very likely to be accepted.


The interview required me to present a portfolio. I found it hard to collate one, as I’m not studying A level art, but I managed to get together some of my current sketchbooks and selected a few pieces from that. I also took my GCSE art coursework, and my textiles coursework, and a few bits from my current design project. In addition to that I did a few more paintings and drawing specifically to show my skill and use of colour.


The college tutors (one happened to be friends with my parents, but no favouritism as he didn’t realise who I was) seemed impressed by my work, especially some of my self portraits, and the process of my textiles work. They liked the innovation of my product design project, and talked to me about my ideas for the future. They were very friendly and explained what the course had to offer me, how it can guide me to my chosen career.


It all sounded very positive and at the end they offered me a place. An unconditional offer… but on the condition I finish my A levels… so technically not unconditional, but I wasn’t about to correct them. I was relieved and happy coming out of the college, clutching my A1 folder and sketchbooks. I can look forward to the future to help get through these A-levels.


I shall update you all on my design project shortly,



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