My Tea Addiction

If you haven’t noticed, I’m rather fond of tea…


This flower child named Jasmine adores tea, which is hardly surprising, it’s natural; a source of hydration; it’s healthy in most cases; and it’s made from plants!

Drinking tea with a good book, a beautiful view, or creating, and even accompanying collage work, is beautiful (you can never overuse this word).

I find the ritual of tea making to be particularly satisfying, giving you a few minutes out of your day to reflect and observe. As most teas require 3-5 minutes brewing time, this is plenty of time to just sit and watch the steam rise from your cup, just muse on things, or rush off and do something else and forget your tea so when you go back to it it’s cold and very strong (latter not recommended).


The cups that you sip out of play a part too. You could have dainty tea cups, or opt instead for a mug, you can have your heirloom china, or a charity shop find, you could have a brilliant design on your mug, or just a plain-white-tea cup (see what I did there), but the vessel definitely adds to the experience. This pretty little teapot and cup have been in the family a little while, originally with two cups and a milk jug, these either lost or broken. I adore the pattern on these and how small the teapot is (small things for a small person!)


I love trying new things, so I always want to taste different flavours of tea. I Shall be reviewing teas on this blog that I have tried, completely for my own amusement (not being paid or anything). They shall be obvious as a tea review because they will have this sticker on the post.

Tea review sticker

Coming soon – Serene Jasmine Green

So I’m off to brew a cup of tea, Jasmine I think,



3 thoughts on “My Tea Addiction

    • I would recommend it, if you see my post on Serene green jasmine tea, that gives my general thoughts on Jasmine tea. It’s good with sugar or honey if you find it too bitter.

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