Subtle Sixties

My school this year have put on the musical Hairspray, and as a sixth former I was encouraged to get involved. I was admittedly too scared to audition for acting or dancing, but I volunteered to play violin in the band. There were three performances last week, and it was very exciting being a part of it, most of last week being taken up with rehearsals.


The orchestra pit is under the stage, and is really cramped, me having to perch on top of the cello amp (no amp for me!). We made this space as homely as we could as we were spending hours in freezing, cramped conditions, with cushions and fairy-lights, and our band mascot: a porcelain meerkat. As you can probably guess, everyone in the band was slightly mental, but this made it so much fun, so much laughter.


I’m a grade 5 on violin, and have been playing about 8 years, so I’m not exceptional, but I just enjoy it. I also loved the feel of the musical, it is obviously just a high school production and not the best it could be, but everyone puts so much effort in and enjoys it. Hairspray was set in the sixties, which is one of my favourite time periods, so I liked this aspect of it. I felt inspired by this, and have done my hair into a little bouffant. My outfit is really too understated for a musical, but it was okay as I wasn’t seen anyway, and I’m an understated person.


This little ring is part of a three pack from accessorize which is really cute and small, as I only suit delicate rings. The top is from topshop, but is actually from Miss Patina, one of my favourite collections as it’s vintage inspired. I love the lacey pattern, and that whatever you wear underneath comes through it, meaning that it can match with anything you wear. The skirt is just a remake from one of my old dresses because I loved the colour and fabric. I think my violin looks really pretty, the varnish shining an orangey brown…

subtle sixties love to you all,



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