Smoothie Bowls

This is an amazing idea. A smoothie. With toppings. That you eat with a spoon.

Is it just me who thinks that smoothies get a little boring after a few sips, the flavour the same and the texture still tediously smooth?

Smoothie bowls : Combining actual 3-dimensional fruit, seeds and nuts to a blended fruit base, adding crunch and bite instead of just the glass of liquid you have to trudge through, not knowing whether you should chew or swallow (like yoghurt, or soup [or is this just me?!]).


I came across this weirdly wonderful phenomena on Pinterest (of course, the mighty god of images), and had a pinning spree on my breakfast board. A smoothie bowl is the perfect creation to inspire me to eat breakfast, as part of me breaking the breakfast fast.

I had a go at this of course, and have made a few since, and I’ve compiled a sort of recipe (although I try not to partake in recipe following). It’s basically a guide to aid the creation of smoothie bowls, different ingredient and flavour combinations, and obviously how to make them look good, design is everything!

I’ve summarised that there are four or five basic constituents of a smoothie bowl; the base that gives the smoothie it’s substance; the liquid that makes it smoother and able to be drank; something that gives the main flavours; anything to sweeten; and toppings. These can be as many or as few as wanted, and you can shove them full of nutritional, healthy things, or have a bit of a splurge on a luxury smoothie bowl (I’m thinking chocolate, with chocolate and maybe some peanut butter). In these images I’ve tried to make the toppings pretty and laid them in stripes, but to be honest I just tip them on top most of the time. Be creative with your food!




One of the main things to think about is that the smoothie should be quite thick to hold all the toppings, but not lumpy, otherwise it’s not technically smooth-ie. The next time I make one I’m contemplating more topping and less smoothie; I like the crunch.

This has been one smoooooth post, see ya later,




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