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‘Serene jasmine green’ by Pukka, is an organic green tea with chamomile and lavender. It sounds posh, or slightly too ‘herbal’ and ‘good-for-you-so-it-tastes-horrible’ for my liking, but this tea exceeded my expectations, and left me favouring this tea over others.


The general presentation and packaging of the tea I loved. This pattern is so pretty and interesting, and distracts me from the tea so I’ll just go off on a tangent for a moment. Whitish Jasmine flowers are the main feature, my beautiful namesake, and purple fairies (that’s what I see them as of course) leaping from leaf to leaf among the slightly less obvious lavender flowers. The symmetry and repeat pattern is what makes it work for me, it draws your gaze to it and is generally pleasing for a designer’s eye.


The experience of opening the packet is quite nice, as the ritual of making tea is part of the whole rigmarole. You open the box and the little green sachets sit inside, and there is a message on the inside of the flap. I smiled at this as someone had obviously thought about presentation and the little things that add to a products charm, which many might overlook. Tearing the sachets you have to be careful not to rip the bag itself, but the satisfaction of taking out a cute little teabag and the pleasant aroma you will encounter may cause you to open it hastily. This lovely lavender smell mingles with the obvious calming green tea scent and you can almost taste it already, but you must be patient.


The fold of the teabag is one I haven’t seen before, call me a novice but I’m intrigued. I’ve had square ones with a similar top, pyramidal, and round bags, but not like this. I quite liked having this shape as it allowed the little bits of tea to move around in the water, but not as much as a pyramid would have. Another little thing I have to say is that I love having the little tag on the string, it just adds so much character to the teabag, and helpfully tells you what it’s called while giving you something to pull it out with, without using a spoon and giving yourself more washing up.

This tea is made of Jasmine green whole leaf tea, chamomile flowers, limeflowers, elderflower, licorice root, marigold flower, rose flower, lavender flower. So very flowery, and I like the addition of licorice root, when you know it’s in there you can taste that kind of flavour lingering in the background.

BagLoose leaf

When the water has boiled, you’re meant to leave it slightly to cool before pouring over the teabag. The smell of this brewing tea is delightful, fresher and less like cupboards than some teas. The water goes gradually more coloured, but stays a beautiful pale green or yellow. After 3 minutes the tea will have reached the optimum strength, too much longer and it might turn bitter. Any less time is perfectly fine if you want a milder taste, myself I go for the maximum strength. I’ve found there’s often a few little tea leaves in the bottom of the cup, but this can’t be helped with such fine leaves.


If you don’t like chamomile then you will dislike this tea, as that distinctive taste is the main background to a general sweet flowery taste.¬†Because of this sweet taste this tea is perfect without anything else, although if you like things sugary, I would add a teaspoon of honey, but don’t add milk.

The aftertaste is quite strange, with the lingering chamomile staying on your tongue. I find sometimes the addition of honey softens this and adds to a more thirst quenching and enjoyable cup of tea, although it is still delicious on its own.

Go and give this tea a taste, I am saying this off my own back and not for the sake of paid advertising,




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