Morning Spring

mornign Spring


Good morning to you Spring, I welcome you to my day, I grace you with my appreciative smiles at your transitional beauty.



It really does feel like spring is here now, the sun is delighting my eyes with it’s fresh light, I’m seeing blossom on trees, and there’s that happiness in the air that can only be felt at spring time. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, and like autumn is often overlooked, as people race ahead to summer without appreciating every season and the way our world changes around us. Most people’s concern is: heat. My concern is enjoying nature and embracing every small pleasure that I witness, if it’s glimpsing a flower sprouting, or hearing a little bird song.

This morning I am celebrating the arrival of this wonderful season with some freshly brewed coffee with my friends the daffodils.



Isn’t this light beautiful, illuminating the vibrant flowers, making them shine and glow like they’re smiling. I think daffodils are the very image of spring, always being given as a gift at March time to welcome in the new season.



I’ve surrounded myself with springtime stimulants this morning, in other words, smells and sights to evoke memories and thoughts of this season. The daffodils and hyacinth (my mother’s day present to my mummy) giving off beautiful scents. The candles, although not lit, still give off a pleasing aroma, being vanilla and Lily of the valley scented. And of course the coffee, the sweet smell of it freshly brewed, the taste bringing thoughts of comfort and being alive, as spring is all about living.


The colours of spring fascinate me, and this is what I tried to capture in these pictures, the brightness, yet the subtlety of pastels and light shades. Simple patterns and shapes seem fitting for spring, but maybe that’s just me thinking about decorating eggs. Easter is actually my favourite ‘holiday’ (as our American friends call it), and it reminds me very much of childhood and egg hunts and this wonderful time of year.


mornign Spring

I hope everyone enjoys spring, takes the time to smile and embrace the changing world,

Love from,

Jasmine x




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