Flower Child Named Jasmine

I think it’s about time I introduced myself properly,

this is me
DSC_0403DSC_0399DSC_0396DSC_0412 DSC_0429



You can get a general idea of who I am on the about me page, but basically my name is Jasmine, I love nature, art, design, photography, food, and try to promote happiness, simplicity, peace and love.

In recent news, I’ve got an Instagram account! Please follow me for behind the scenes, sneak peeks and extras.


I’ve also got an account on Lookbook, and so far only posted one look. I’ll be doing a few more posts along this line, like this one! I’m not obsessed with clothes, but I do like experimenting with my own style as an element of my design interest.


I n this look, in true flower child style I am clutching a flower and surrounded by greenery, the spring sunlight shining through the leaves. This dress is a favourite of mine, as I love the style and the pattern. The ring is also my favourite, and the shoes are relatively new.





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