Blank Canvas

Staring at the blank space.

Hoping inspiration will strike. Drilling your gaze into the pencil, wishing it will draw of it’s own will, start making shapes where you can follow on and create beauty.

When your hand continues to remain still you turn your eyes to the window, wanting something to jump into your mind, yet it still stays a…








To beat this artists block I started writing with my calligraphy pen, literally writing blank canvas (which I promptly smudged), which gave me the idea to do some lettering with watercolour. I apologise for the messy state of my palette, but who can be creative without a bit of mess!

As it was spring I wrote spring and decorated it with flowers. It’s actually surprisingly easy to write freehand with water colour, as the brush easily goes across the paper, you can change the thickness, and the flowing nature of water colours lends itself to the shapes and colours being used.



I then decided to try out some more writing, a title for a story I’m working on at the moment. As you might be able to tell it’s a fantasy story, and I’ve got most of the storyline planned out, yet the writing of it is still to be started.




This then lead me to draw some illustrations for my story. This is the main character called Tiviona.



Sometimes it can be hard to find subject matter and inspiration, but it’s all around you really, you just need to take the time to look, and feel.


Jasmine x



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