Tahini, Honey Toast With Orange Romano Coffee

I have very recently discovered a new flavour: Tahini. One day while staring into the fridge in the hope I’d find something exciting, I found a large jar of tahini paste. I had no idea what it was, so asked my mum and she informed me you used it in hummus and dips, who’d have known (well, people who actually know stuff about food). She also commented it was good on toast, so I tried that, and low and behold it was one of the best things I’ve tasted. I love trying different flavours, so I’ve been having a lot of tahini toast for breakfast, and I’ve tried different variations, and this time was the best.



Now for the foodies amongst my readers (just assuming there might be at least one, or is that too hopeful), I’m sorry for explaining things, but I’m learning all the time and want to express some of these things on my blog for others to read.

A Romano coffee is an espresso with a slice of lemon in. Now since I didn’t have any lemon in the house I tried using some orange instead, and it actually works really well.

Tahini and honey is a heavenly combination, and goes so well with the crunch of toasted brown bread. In these pictures you see black pepper, but I would recommend a sprinkle of cinnamon, as this adds a spicy edge instead of a hot taste (I’m a big fan of cinnamon).

The orange from the coffee, and the orange that accompanies the toast, compliments the dry sweetness of the toast, being bitter and juicy.







I of course couldn’t resist including a flower in these photos, presentation and style is everything to me. This lovely fabric napkin is such a beautiful pattern, who couldn’t love it, the orange of the peel contrasting it.




Please try this flavour combination, it will make your life a little bit better,

Love from,



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