Only Timelords


My t-shirt exclaims, along with a fittingly timelord-esque picture of Gallifrey.



  I was very pleased when my friend passed on the ownership of this tee to me, I haven’t owned any doctor who merchandise before, even though I am a very big fan, and I was happy with the chance to show off my love for the TV show. It was originally from Qwertee, an awesome online shop.

I was also very nerdish-ly happy when putting together this outfit. I chose this skirt because… wait for it… it looks like the time vortex! sorry if you don’t see that, but I was very excited with my idea. I chose a windy day to shoot as you could then see the skirt in it’s element… The way it moves around and the colour and the pattern…

I personally love this skirt, tiedye being a favourite of mine, and it’s so flowing and comfortable to wear. I know what people say, short people should never wear long skirts in fear of looking shorter and fatter, but I don’t really listen to these sort of rules, and if I want to wear it, then I shall. I do always feel a little self conscious when wearing this skirt though, as it’s unusual and I couldn’t just wear it as part of my sixth form dress, I feel it stands out too much. I wore this skirt when I went to Glastonbury on holiday last year, and what with all the strange folks and attire I felt like I fitted in. Perhaps I could have fitted in better there if I dreaded my hair, carried a cauldron, and chanted mantras like I witnessed many doing. Saying this, I actually loved glastonbury and all the little unique shops, it was quite an experience. I wore something similar to this although I didn’t have the top.




So this is my kind of hippie, space look,

I hope to see you guys over on Lookbook,




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