English Breakfast

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Twinings English breakfast tea. Sounds very posh doesn’t it? Well it is one of the most traditional teas that has been around for about 80 years. You can definitely taste that when you drink it.

My Friend gave me a little pack of this tea with a tea mug and cosy as a sweet little gift. It’s quite a nice taster pack as it includes 5 tea bags, all wrapped up in their own sleeve. I like the black background with gold accents, as it adds sophistication, and you feel so special opening it, like you’re one of the privileged ‘few’.



The sleeves that the bags are in are cleverly designed to act as the tag attached to the tea bag string. You just tear them off et voila!



The tea itself is very fine little dark granules, and has a lovely aroma, a deep relaxing, very tea-like smell. For me it makes me think of sitting in a little tea house sipping from proper little tea cups, and perhaps having a scone with jam and cream. It’s amazing how many images and feelings a smell can evoke.


When boiling water is poured onto the tea, it turns a delicate amber colour, almost seeming like a liquid form of the semi-precious stone. You can already smell the comfort that the taste will bring you.


After 3 minutes of brewing I take my tea bag out, as I like most teas weak. The colour has changed to a beautiful dark amber, if you’re lucky enough to have light catching it, then you’ll see the colour alive, and like a glowing potion.


Taste the tea now, and it has, as Twinings says on the packet, full bodied taste. I think this tea is lovely without any additions, but can cause a dry throat because of slight bitterness. I also drink it with milk, and sometimes sugar, which really takes me to that imagined tea rooms.



Tea Review – English breakfast

Packaging: Neat and sophisticated, also compact.

Type of tea: Black. Caffinated

Brewing method: a normal, slightly posh tea bag. Boiling water

Brewing Time: 3-5 minutes

Colour: Amber

Smell: aromatic and sensory

Taste: deep but light and comforting.

Additions: Milk and/or sugar to preference.

Rating: 9/10

Recommend/drink again?: Yes


I hope you try this tea,




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