A field of snacks ready to be grazed upon…


Okay it’s not much of a field, and those boxes are in fact empty, but the untamed grass in my back garden seemed the perfect place for photos of my Graze box collection. There are even some pretty wild flowers growing, and the sun was shining so beautifully.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Graze, the company that sends you healthy snacks in the post. Well I’ve been subscribed for a few months, and have received 6 boxes in total. Of course I’ve kept them, I’m a hoarder and love collecting packaging!

I have liked my experience with graze, and would recommend it. Each box is £3.99 which if you think about it is a very good price. I only started getting it because it was fairly cheap, although I’ve limited myself to 2 a month. I wanted to try out graze mainly because of the variety of tasty sounding snacks they had, and my friends have been getting them, so I wanted to see what all the fuss is about; and it does not disappoint.

Even though the main attraction is the food, as a girl in love with design, it’s only natural I adore the packaging of the graze boxes. The brown cardboard, giving it that ‘I’m so natural and healthy’ look, which I personally love. The blue box which is different from the rest is the easter special box they did, covered in little bunnies.

The inside of the lid has a photograph of different fruit and things, and the easter box a beautiful field and sky.

The box is sectioned into four, with four little plastic punnets sitting in their own hole. Underneath these is a background of grass, which I think is an adorable touch.




When I opened my first graze box, I was very excited. As I didn’t know what they were giving me, I was filled with apprehension, and this makes waiting for the delivery and opening it more special.

I was greeted by a cacophony of paper when I did open it. Graze gives you a slip of paper in every box, giving the nutrition facts of each snack, a little bit of writing about the company which is different most times, and some vouchers which you can give to your friends for discounts. In this first box, they said hi Jasmine, and thanks for signing up to graze! And I found it so cool that they had my name printed on the paper, my name had been printed! (let me find happiness in small things)

There is also an intro booklet, which I found very sweet, again loving the brown paper and speech bubble graphic. They gave a very good overview of what to do with your graze subscription, how to make sure you get the snacks you want. I think so far I have the impression of good customer service and definitely an air of friendliness from the company. It’s such a delight to receive a graze box, a very pleasant experience.




In the first box, envelope gift cards were given, to help spread the word about graze. I found the printed post-its just too cool.


Inside the box on the back spine, there are also little jokes or witty sayings. This is such a great touch and adds to the customer experience.


On an important side-note, these Wildflowers are so pretty.

DSC_0316DSC_0325 DSC_0317

I have received a variety of snacks over the six boxes I’ve had so far, and liked most of them. I will be reviewing some of these snacks, just for fun, and because I love giving my opinion, especially on products! Just wait for live links to appear below. This is an overview of what I have received:

Box 1

Moroccan harissa pitted beldi olives

Chilli and lime pistachios

Herby bread basket

Toffee apple
box 2

Super carrot cake

My thai

Holly’s spicy satay

Rhubarb and custard

box 3

Sticky toffee pudding

Olive and rosemary bruschetta

Deconstructed carrot cake

Lemon and rosemary pitted beldi and kalamata olives

box 4

Japanese Miso

Pomodoro rustichella

El picante

Gingerbread loaf

box 5

Salted fudge and peanut cookie

Basil and garlic pitted beldi olives

Sour cream and garlic crostini

Honeycomb crunch

box 6

Natural vanilla seeds

Coffee and walnut cake

Cracking black pepper cashews

Spicy Thai sriracha peas

DSC_0333 writing

Graze has inspired me to snack more healthily, and I hope I’ve inspired you too. Look out for the reviews being posted over the next month or so, and you never know, this might inspire some DIYing in the future (subtle hint)…




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