Update and Free Recipe Printable

I am still alive, have no fear, my lack of blog posts does not mean I have had no life for the past few weeks! I have not disappeared off the face of the earth (although I might as well have). I’ve had exams and lots of revision to do, as anyone who’s taken A-levels know that they are really painful.

Here is an update on what I’ve been up to, in pictures from my Instagram.

Worrying about my exam…


I’ve finished my design course now, which is sad as I’ve loved it even though it’s been stressful. The exams are completed and I think it’s all gone okay, design obviously being my passion and career path.

A celebratory smoothie after a hard design exam…


I have no more English lessons left, and the exam is on Thursday which I am not confident about. Tomorrow is my chemistry exam! I’ve worked so hard at this year, but I’m just not that naturally gifted at chemistry. Oh well, I hope I’ll pull through.

At least I’ve had pretty scenery to revise in.

Candyfloss clouds and sunny storms…


My revision and studying has been punctuated by breaks and treats. Don’t think I’m too crazy, but those little sticks were just waiting to be kindle (#pyromania) …

Donuts and mini bonfires…



While studying (well procrastinating) I’ve made possibly the best milkshake ever. Now this wasn’t on my instagram, mainly because I wanted to share it on my blog first. It’s so beautiful, all you have to do is shove the ingredients in a glass and give it a little mix with a straw. Also you’ll be pleased to hear I give anyone permission to use this image (this one only) for whatever purposes, if anyone desires (please credit me)…

recipe card

Don’t worry, my life isn’t all about exam stress! I have a few very exciting weeks ahead of me. After Monday the 15th I am free from sixth form which has been the source of much discomfort for these past two years. My 18th birthday is at the end of June, which is of course exciting. The most exciting thing though, is that I’m going to Copenhagen as my present! I’m going in early July for a few days after my sixth form’s leaversdinner.




Eating at Wagamama while shopping for leavers dinner…


…Also sampling darjeeling tea for the first time (look out for a tea review)…


aaaand I purchased some new shoes to wear to my leavers dinner…


My dress has also been delivered, another post on that later.

I shall be filling the other days with lots of things and projects, and something exciting which I shall reveal in a later post.

I wish anyone else who has exams good luck, and I shall be back to more frequent blogging soon. For more regular snapshots of my life follow me on instagram.


Jasmine x




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