Beyond The Pale


Jasmine is a very happy flower child today! Exams are over, no more sixth form and an extremely long summer holiday. What more could a girl wish for?

If you read my last post you will know that I have an exciting few months ahead of me. Today was a relaxing day, trying to recover from the shock of exams, doing a bit of this and that, planning the sewing I’m doing tomorrow. I’ve had loads of projects I’ve been wanting to get on with, but have had to revise instead, so I shall start them tomorrow.

This outfit is slightly unusual for me, as there is quite a lot of black. Despite the title of the post, there is really only the dress that is pale, matching my body’s own colouring, which suits lighter colours. The contrast of the black and pale peach inspired me to write the title ‘beyond the pale’, as black is definitely beyond paleness… (I don’t know where I get these ideas from) I always wear dresses or skirts, it is a rare occasion when I am seen with trousers on, and this dress is a favourite that can be worn in winter as well as summer. Sometimes I wear a t-shirt underneath and it turns into a little pinafore dress, and jumpers go well with it too. I’ve worn it to the beach, going out for a meal and casually everyday, so this kind of sundress is hard to beat as far as versatility goes.


I am so looking forward to this summer, I hope everyone else is too.

To look at outfit details, head on over to Lookbook.

Love from,



3 thoughts on “Beyond The Pale

    • Hehe yes, that’s where it comes from, but obviously no real resemblance to the phrase in this post.


      • Lol when I was in my early teens I traveled with my mom back to her country (N.Ireland) and it just took me right back there. Kinda forgot about the whole post in my day dream lol

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