18th Birthday – Daytime

The busiest days of my summer holiday are at an end, and I feel A: very tired, but B: very fulfilled. A couple of weeks ago (more like a month now) was my birthday, my 18th to be precise.

DSC_0118 This is me in the morning of my birthday, finishing up the last of the coconut water (slightly obsessed there) and feeling excited, yet peaceful that I had a pleasant day ahead of me. My hair is in ‘twisties’ as I call them which is a ‘wet-set’ way of curling my hair (which may or may not be blogged about at a later date). Also to note with this photo is my experimentation with the gray background in post production editing, I thought it looked better than just the turquoise of the sofa behind me (yes we have a turquoise sofa!) P.s, I’m kneeling down, my legs aren’t just super short >.<

Because I like antiques and vintage things, I chose to go round a few stalls in some of my favourite local areas. I went with my mum and her mum, which wasn’t as bad as it sounds! I love days just spent wandering around, surrounded in aesthetic and interesting things and people. First we stopped off in a cafe, where I had my second pot of Darjeeling tea ever, which I have now since taken to ordering instead of classic English Breakfast. I will soon own some of my own Darjeeling to blog about. Also, lemon cake is always nice. I have memories from being a small child and eating lemon drizzle cake in a, now closed, bookshop cafe, and scrounging the foam off my mum’s cappuccino – incidentally my first word being ‘cappuccino’, although I’m more of a latte girl now.

DSC_0125DSC_0127 DSC_0128  These next few pictures are from a home store that has lots of things you don’t really need and you can’t afford, but look very nice and inspire me. Including lights that are made of test tubes and look like kettles, fancy patterned dressing gowns, and hanging butterflies.


I spy a Jasmine…

DSC_0139 DSC_0130DSC_0153 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0159 DSC_0168

After this we moved onto another place and had lunch, before we looked round the vintage stalls.


DSC_0179 DSC_0180 DSC_0183The aesthetic of the colours were hard to ignore. Even my ‘posh pop’ fits in with the colours (I chose it specifically for that purpose)

I always take great joy in looking at old things, imagining who else in the world has laid their hands on the same object I’m holding, thinking about how it was made, and who by, and how it came to be where it is now. Just generally the look of the items that were in this vintage emporium make me happy. There were some nice vintage clothes, including a twin set of skirt and top made from a pale fabric with pastel colour balloons as a design. I was persuaded away from impulse buying, and I knew I could make something myself that was like that, and now I’m on the search for the right fabric!

I took a liking to this tea tin which is my favourite colour and has my name on! And also this little ring, which has a green tinge to the ‘stone’ and looks classy even though it cost £1.50. As it was my birthday, my mum treated me with these gifts.


This was a lovely way to spend a day, and made way for the evening, which I will blog soon. I am on a family holiday at the moment and much has been happening to cause no time for blogging recently! Anyway, as my favourite person would say, ‘soon’

Love Jasmine



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