Elderflower Cordial

To me elderflower is the taste of the summer. Every year we go out and collect bowers of the little elderflower blossoms and make our own cordial. The time for elderflower is well over now, but there’s still a large bottle of the cordial in our fridge, the original amount made almost filling up the fridge.

To make, you heat up sugar and water to form a syrup, then add the zest and juice of lemons to a large bowl where you sit the flower heads in. This is left for about 24 hours, then strained into bottles.

We drink it with sparkling water and ice, which is very refreshing, especially with a slice of lemon.

DSC_0842DSC_0849 DSC_0852



. . . F O L L O W   M E   O N . . .

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. . . Y O U   M A Y   A L S O   L I K E . . .

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mornign Spring

Morning Spring


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