First Day of College

I’ve finally started college, after all these weeks of summer holiday! It’s a nerving experience, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it already after two days. There are some lovely people on my course (art and design foundation), with lots of different interests, some preferring fine art, textiles, fashion, some doing media even. This first day was an induction day where we went through all the necessary information and did a bit of drawing. the thing that is slightly strange for me, but actually good, is starting the class at 2 in the afternoon, and finishing at 6. It makes me feel scarily like an adult, but is great because allows me hours in the morning to work at home or in the studios.


This outfit was a compromise of comfort and cuteness, as I wanted to give a good first impression (and all that jazz) and obviously to be ready for anything that was thrown at me (luckily not literally). This black skort from new look is a real favourite of mine, and it gets worn a lot, so I’m sorry college people if the sight of it gets boring! The little top, also from new look, was a great buy; in the sale, comfortable, goes with everything, suits me (do you think?), gives me a kind of sailor look 😉 I handmade the ring, with a piece of rough rose quarts and some copper wire, and I love it, the delicate pale colour complimenting my skin colour.

DSC_0897Diamond  DSC_0887DSC_0901 DSC_0904

I’m very excited to be beginning my course, it sounds so fun and a great experience! This look is of course up on Lookbook, please head on over and give me a hype!


. . .  F O L L O W   M E   O N   . . .

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