Aztec Print and Bees – Collage Day 2

This is my outfit for day 2 of college. This day was filled with more drawing, which was inspired by our summer holiday projects. I’ll be putting the work I did for this up on my blog soon. We were also talked at more by tutors, and got the chance to talk to more people on the course.
DSC_0937DSC_0939 DSC_0932 DSC_0934

This combination of clothes was a bit of a spontaneous oh-my-gosh-I’m-going-to-miss-my-train throw together, but I think that it works. A simple dress with a nice print on it always works in these situations, and it was quite cold so I opted for this dark blue jumper. Tights and shoes accompany as always, and I decided on my bee printed rucksack from Accessorize to carry my notebook, pencils and other things. As I was rushing to leave quickly I didn’t have time to make myself lunch so that had to be bought from college, so I had that while I finished off a research project about Mark Liu being an inspiration to me and my work. I will seriously write a post on him because I think his work is creative and innovative.

Getting back to my clothes; this dress has a very cute little detail of lacing up the back, which makes it a touch more feminine. Blacks and whites are always great staples to be able to wear with colours such as the beige of my bag and the blue of my jumper. We all know the ‘rule’ of never mixing patterns, but I for one have never stuck to this, I think if you choose the right patterns that compliment each other you can create many combinations and things that look great – I’m slightly obsessed with patterns!



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