Blue and Boots

I tried to go colourful with this outfit, but I ended up being quite blue, my main quest was to incorporate my new boots! I love them, they give me quite a bit of height, and make me feel great. It is true, shoes can bring you happiness.

For this day at college we started a group project, where we have to recreate a painting, but in 3D. This means we have to be people in them dressed in costumes, and use lots of cardboard and paper-mached props. It is actually really fun, and this whole week is based on this ‘induction’ project. (P.S I got paint on my tights)

DSC_0956DSC_0948 DSC_0961DSC_0949DSC_0957 DSC_0951DSC_0965DSC_0954  DSC_0953

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4 thoughts on “Blue and Boots

  1. You blog is really fun and creative. I love your style and how you write your post too btw. You should definitely check out my blog too! I do mainly fashion/advice post, I think you’d like it 😊


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