New Look

Now this post isn’t about the popular chain shop New Look, it’s about the new look of my blog! As you may have noticed, it looks quite different, with all the circles instead of squares.

I’ve done this for many reasons. Let’s list them shall I:

  • It looks cleaner
  • You can see more posts on first view
  • I want to include a ‘portfolio’ section to my blog to include my art and design work I do at college
  • The content of my blog will be changing slightly to include more of my studies at college (mainly so I don’t get distracted from the work) so I thought I’d kick this off with my new look.
  • To focus my blogging more on my main interests
  • Circles are just more aesthetic than squares

Some times you just feel like a change ya know?

Talking about changes, I’ve made a few quite recently. Possibly the most significant is having to break up with my boyfriend, the one who I got the blog name from, the one who inspired me to post, and to be who I am. It’s a story I do not wish to tell, but thought I should make this clear as I’m creating a clean slate, with this new look, so to speak.

Another, slightly more positive change, is that I’ve cut my hair! like, I did it my self. One day I just thought I’d get the scissors and do the cut I’ve been wanting for ages. Okay, so I did this about a month ago, but It still feels new to me. In my last few outfit posts you can see this new cut – it doesn’t look too short I know, but it’s different for me!

A massive change to my life is starting college. I’m trying to do daily posts about what’s going on, to share with you (and ultimately myself). I feel I will be blogging more regularly now that I have a little more free time, and that my course is so focused and what I’m really interested in. I’ll just want to blog about it the whole time!

Another small change, is to do with my blog. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been including the social media buttons at the end of my posts, and with quite a good reaction and participation from you viewers, thank you!

Life is very positive for me at the moment, and I hope happiness stays with me, and that you have happiness in your life too.

(You know what, I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging thing) Love to you all,


. . .   F O L L O W   M E   O N   . . .

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