Harry Potter Studio’s Butterbeer Copycat

A while ago, I said I’d experiment with different Butterbeer recipes, but I haven’t been able to post any of them yet… until now! enjoy.

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I hate copycat recipes; why would you want to copy something else?! As a general rule I dislike this kind of ‘trying to be like something’, but this one is an exception. I mean, it’s Butterbeer for goodness sake. The Harry Potter Studio’s Butterbeer specifically.

It was last year sometime when we went to the studios in London, and I have to say I was as excited about this more than a lot of other potentially life changing experiences. My sisters had actually already gone on a school trip to them, so I was very jealous of them, especially now they’ve gone twice.

The Butterbeer was something I was very eager to experience, as when reading the books this is THE thing most people desire to be real (as well as the whole magic thing), and I was no exception. Of course, I had to buy the little Butterbeer mug, how could you not?

. . . Me sampling the butterbeer . . .


. . . My outfit for the day 😉 . . .DSC_0327

Needless to say, the Butterbeer tasted amazing, but maybe not quite what I was expecting. I was expecting a more creamy texture, but maybe I was thinking of the warm version of the drink… also, then I hadn’t tasted what real beer is like, but now I know (being 18 and all), it has more of a similar texture to that. I could taste however (like a lot of other people say online) that it included cream soda.

I’ve added my own twist to make it seem more like the cold beverage that harry and his friends grab from the three broomsticks in glass bottles. These couple of photos are from a Harry Potter movie marathon me and my friends had a while ago (of course we had to make Butterbeer). I might do a separate post on that, if you’re lucky.



This is how I recreated the Butterbeer at home! feel free to ask me any questions about it.

This worked surprisingly well, and did taste very like the one at the studio. The thing that was difficult to recreate is the colour, which must have been artificial officially. I tried to emulate it’s beery colour with ginger beer and coke, which also gives it extra hints of flavour to the super sweet vanilla and butterscotch thing going on.

Of course after a while, the ice cream in the frothy top starts to react to the rest of the cream soda, so it all becomes a murky frothy mixture. It still tastes glorious, but it maybe sacrifices the look. I think that in the Harry Potter world, there is no way that magic is not involved, to keep it both clear and bubbly, and creamy and frothy, without  it being alcoholic! Never mind, I’ll just have to wait on my Hogwarts letter for a few more years…

I have a few more Butterbeer recipe posts stocked up and ready to go, so look out for them in the near future!



. . .   F O L L O W   M E   O N   . . .

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