Jeans? seriously Jasmine? When do you ever wear jeans?!! where the questions I was asking myself last week at college.

I NEVER wear jeans (apart from now obviously), so this decision shocked me. But needs must. At college we were finishing off our project, which involved a lot of crawling around on the floor getting covered in paint, and today, face paint! (it was glittery and I shimmered for days – felt like a vampire). This was why I wore my least treasured items of clothing.

These jeans are actually super comfy. I always find it hard to find jeans that fit, my thighs being kinda big in proportion to my waist and the rest of me, also being short doesn’t help. Don’t get me wrong, I love my shape, but it makes it annoying buying any kind of trousers!

The top I’m wearing is what i call my painting top. It’s actually my mums old top from her art collage days, so even considering it’s Primark (head hung in shame) it’s pretty good quality! I think a striped top like this is essential in any art students wardrobe. It looks arty, and slightly french, so useful when dressing up as a french man (don’t forget ‘tache and beret), and very versatile because it can be worn with jeans and skirts, giving a casual yet sophisticate look.

Another point of interest are these shoes! I love them, they have a raised sole and literally can be worn with anything. Head over to New Look (kids section lol) to get yourself a pair.DSC_1062DSC_1071DSC_1069

Thank you for reading, and see you again soon,


. . .   F O L L O W   M E   O N   . . .

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