This post is a little delayed, but I’m already so busy with college work that I’ve only just got round to publishing. No pictures today, just my ramblings!

Last Monday at college we did a project in small groups that was to create an installation out of objects we found in the room. It was tricky and our first attempt didn’t really work.

The theme for our piece was a fashion show, because we decided that as a group fashion and textiles were our main interests.

We lined tables along the room for the runway, and hung clothes and fabric from the ceiling to give the illusion of models. We used easels and other props to act as spectators and a hanging fabric backdrop with magazine images on.

It was meant to symbolise how models are treated by society and the fashion industry. I thought it was a very clever design and worked aesthetically. I was planning to take photographs as further recording and inspiration but I ran out of battery!

From this exercise I will take the approach to using things you have to make something aesthetic, and the idea of changing an environment to make the viewer think and perceive something differently. I will look at artists who focus on this in their work, and probably have a play around with hanging things from my ceiling!

Last week at college we started our workshops, which I will post about soon. I’m continuing with textiles tomorrow, which I have loads of work for, but is actually very fun.

Exciting, exciting, exciting

Love Jasmine x


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