First Textiles Workshop

As I said in my last post, I’ve started my workshops at college, which is the name given to our sessions in a particular focus. For these next few weeks I have chosen textiles to study on a Tuesday. I have so far enjoyed it, and it’s been challenging me in ways I’m not used to.

To Start this project we were given (literally pulled out of a hat) three starter words; one country, one object and one occupation. I got Japan, clocks and thief. We then had to research and find at least 4 images for each word that will inspire us to create designs. I was overjoyed at the Japan selection, as I immediately thought, flag, cherry blossom, Japanese art… but thief was yielding little inspiration. I mind mapped a few ideas to start me off.DSC_0003The word clock influenced me to look at Dahli obviously (if you don’t know what I’m talking then look him up!), and other distortions of time. I was trying to find an image that portrayed time travel but I just kept coming across Doctor Who things, which would just be a little too nerdy 😉 I thought that the cogs in a clock mechanism would create some interesting shapes, and the idea of shadows used to tell time. The face came from the pun of clock face… just had to add a little humour. or one might call it thinking outside the box.
DSC_0005 DSC_0008 We had to select a colour palette of 6 or 8 colours. I dabbed a bit of dye over some paper in colours I liked from my images to create what you see below. I also roughly collaged and drew shapes that featured, circles being predominant.DSC_0013Our next task was to collage ideas quickly into our sketch books inspired from the images and our colour palettes. I spent most of my time using dye to mix up pretty colours and make sheets of paper into the right colours for me to use. I have to say, using dyes is fun, and messy, and leaves such an even colour. I also tried to do that cool thing where you make the ink run in the photo below, but the dark branches just bled into the paper, maybe the dye underneath wasn’t dry enough. DSC_0016 DSC_0020 DSC_0021

I really like the middle design, the beautiful turquoise background is my favourite colour, and the beautiful pinks and peaches compliment it well. I wish I could fill my sketch book up with those colours, and I guess I can (they leave everything very much up to you). I also like the orange ‘jewels’ in the last design, and I see potential in that idea. I also love the pattern I have drawn in the wave, which is inspired by embroidery from a purse that I found online (from the thief theme), and I hope to incorporate this into my further designs.

The brief of the project is to create two textile pieces, using whatever techniques and processes we want to. From this session we had to create 6 new designs ready to make in the next week, which I will post sometime soon!

Hope this may have been slightly interesting, and let me know if you like this insight into my sketchbook and whether I should do more posts like it!

Love you,

Jasmine x


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