Dark Flowers


This shirt is my favourite shirt ever. End of. Nothing more to say.

Actually… of course I have to ramble on about it a bit more! I bought this beauty from H&M, and I believe it’s still in shops, so if you want to have it for yourself then you can. It’s quite rare for my fashion posts to include items that are still in shops, as I readjust a lot of old clothes and find new ways to wear them (I also buy from the sale a lot). I think in these posts I want to basically record my outfits that I love, and offer to you, the reader, some advice and inspiration for creating outfits that are similar.

Anyway, about this outfit… it’s really casual, but you can feel really cute and pretty because of the flowers, and fitted style of the shirt. I like wearing it open as a jacket, but it also looks great buttoned up and tucked into a skirt.

I would recommend you add a floral shirt to your wardrobe as soon as you can. Pair it with similar colours, I would go for all one colour to really make the pattern stand out.

DSC_0112 DSC_0115

Don’t even look at my face in this photo …

Thank you for reading, and hope you liked this look,


Jasmine x


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