First Illustration Workshop

Alongside my textiles workshop (see posts here, here and here) I signed up for the illustration workshop. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought maybe it would be detailed drawing and different styles of this, but there I was kinda wrong.

First thing to say is that I really enjoyed this workshop, and it’s seriously made me think differently about my future career.

To start off we looked at several illustrators to see lots of different styles and methods. We were then given a list of narrative points to chose from, which were in the form of questions. Our task was to collect images that answered the question, or made you think in different ways about the question, as many images as we could in the time.

I chose these four questions and these images:

DSC_0053DSC_0057DSC_0060DSC_0062I love the colours in my selection of images and was desperate to use them at some point. From these images we had to quickly create collages with whatever materials we saw fit, to answer the questions and fit the theme.

I loved the fact that we had to set up our own workspace like in the photo below, with a donkey (thing you sit on) and drawing board. Wearing a skirt does make it quite hard to straddle though!IMG_20150916_172953_editIn the session I created these two pieces, which I am happy with, but felt limited with the materials avaliable to me. The doorway idea is definately something I want to take forward in my work.IMG_20150916_173012_edit IMG_20150916_173024_editFor the next workshop we had to continue working with our narrative starting points, and I’m really happy with how my work progresses. Stick around for the post on my next bit of work!

Love to you all,

Jasmine x

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2 thoughts on “First Illustration Workshop

  1. Hi Jasmine, I love your blog and your art and this particular post is very inspiring – what a wonderful and creative approach to teaching illustration! I would like to kinda follow your steps, so here’s my question: do you remember by any chance what the other questions were? Or maybe you still have that list and you can upload it? Thanks, Evgenia xx


    • Hi Evgenia, Thank you so much for your kind words! I can indeed remember a few of the questions, but it’s fairly easy to think of new ones up, I guess it’s just anything that has the ability to be taken in different ways, to produce creative outcomes. Here are some I remember:
      Where’s that beeping coming from?
      Is that the end or the beginning?
      Why is that so small?
      how is that so tall?
      How can I get to the other side?
      Why is it raining?
      Any more questions and I’d be happy to help! x


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