Illustration Styles

So, following on from this post about my first illustration workshop session, we were asked to create more pieces of work in the method we were using (quick collage to create composition), and then create illustrations as a response to these in the style of another illustrator. The idea behind this was to explore different styles, and to prompt you to develop your own work. To be honest, I’m not proud of most of these, mainly because I felt I rushed them (so much work and so little time!), but there are lots of good points to be taken from them, and areas and ideas to develop. Being a designer is about making mistakes, thinking about why that didn’t work, and then developing from your mistakes!

Okay, so this work is still based on the four narrative question points, ‘Is there a way in?’, ‘what’s it like up there?’, ‘How do I get to that imaginary place?’, and ‘Where’s he going?’ Try and guess which questions I answer in each one!DSC_0063 DSC_0069 DSC_0075 DSC_0078This response is inspired by Jonny Hannah, I liked his use of text within the illustration, his flat planes of colour with minimal detail. See my Pinterest board on Jonny Hannah.

DSC_0067 This illustration is my favourite so far, inspired by Rapheal Vincenzi (see my Pinterest board) whos work I love. The watercolour style, the layers of detail, use of text and almost ‘doodle’ style, and also being sparing with his use of colour to highlight important areas and focal points.DSC_0071 This poor attempt at an illustration is meant to be inspired by Luke Best. Take a look at my Pinterest board to find out why I like his work. I kind of like it as itself, but as a representation of his work it’s not very good. I had intended to do more of a collage style with flat planes of colour, but I ran out of time so whizzed up a watercolour version instead.DSC_0077 Now with this one, I thought I hated it, but there are actually elements that I like, like the cloud shapes and rain falling. It is inspired by Jon Klassen, so take a look at some of his work on my Pinterest board.DSC_0081

I took these into my next session of illustration, and made some (definitely better) outcome pieces, which I will share with you soon!

Love to you all,

Jasmine x

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