Pale Pinafore

TipDSC_0133 DSC_0138

Yes, I know, you’ve seen this dress before! (here) but I did say it could easily be worn as a pinafore kind of thing, so that’s what I’m doing here.

I hope you like my little image with writing on (at top of page), as I’ve decided to include this as a new feature in my fashion posts, just giving a little inspiration. It kind of gives these posts more purpose! Let me know if you want to see this feature more, or could suggest ideas for outfits even!

Pinafores are so cute, and an easy way to fake one is to wear a simple top under a dress. It gives a ‘schoolgirl’ kind of look, especially with a cable knitted cardigan like mine here. I find with this necklace, it also gives an element of grunge to an otherwise innocent looking outfit.

Can I just take a moment to ramble about this cardigan? It was a purchase from Topshop, and it is the best £25 I’ve ever spent. It is so warm, and honestly your best defence for autumnal chills, as it doesn’t look like you’re wrapped up in a cacoon of clothes and scarves, but gives you the warmth as though you were. It’s also a glorious colour, which can surprisingly go with a lot of clothes, which you wouldn’t expect of green normally.


Hope this post was even slightly interesting! please check out my account on Lookbook.

Love Jasmine x

P.s, Jesus, my hair looks bad…

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