Clouds and Colour Palettes

This is another post displaying my illustration workshop work (see also here and here). Our task for this session was to create a series of illustrations, that fit together and use similar colours, shapes or materials. Of course it is still following on from the questions and narrative themes I discussed in my previous posts.

IMG_20150923_151345_editI started with 6 pieces of fairly small square pieces of paper stuck to my drawing board. I sat and stared at them for a while, waiting for inspiration to strike. My mind was a little blank, so I went on a hunt for materials. I came back with a selection of coloured inks, some pretty colours of paper and a calligraphy pen. I was instantly inspired by the colours I had picked out, and got to work, recreating shapes I’ve used previously and planning out what I was going to do for each illustration. I wanted to create layers of paper and then do black ink detail on top, as I enjoyed this method from before.

IMG_20150923_163740_editI had a lot of fun using crimson and yellow inks over this illustration, and it created such a beautiful colour and texture. I also pulled off a few of the strips of paper (intending to become trees) because they worked well as a stencil and gave it depth.


I wanted to mirror these colours and textures in some of my other pieces as well, and I literally covered an A3 sheet with inks, to get a vibrant colour.


As you can see, I added a few more torn pieces of paper onto the illustrations, to represent clouds. This seemed to be a reoccuring feature in my work, the use of cloud shapes. You can also see that I have written words onto the brown paper, these are book titles and authors names, as ‘books’ is another key feature to my ‘imaginary’ narative.
IMG_20150923_164948_editĀ I then layered up sheets of paper with holes cut in the centre, to create almost like a portal, or several gateways, and to create a real sense of 3D.IMG_20150923_165237_edit IMG_20150923_165641_edit IMG_20150923_171444_edit

Onto the tree illustration I added a piece of torn up map to create the ground, and saturated it with water so it went translucent.

IMG_20150923_171448_edit IMG_20150923_172952_edit

As you can see, I didn’t quite finish them in the session, so I had to finish them at home (post coming soon). I absolutely love all the colours and textures and patterns and shapes going on in these, and I was really getting into it.

DSC_0083 Another quick collage I made was with some of the offcuts from my collaging, literally just sticking them down in quickly judged aesthetic places. I love the dynamics and how different it is to the other carefully considered pieces I had done that day.DSC_0085 I saved the rest of the offcuts and materials to use later, and I also kept the tissues that I used to mop up extra ink, so that I could incorporate them somehow, as they gave such strong imagery of clouds, and they had that wonderful colour on them.DSC_0088

This work made me really excited, and I think I’ve found my new favourite colour pallette! I’ll show you more of my outcomes to this workshop at a later date.

See you soon,

Love Jasmine x

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5 thoughts on “Clouds and Colour Palettes

  1. Aww thank you so much! I absolutely love those colours, glad to see I’m not the only one šŸ™‚


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