Taylors Lemongrass and Ginger Tea Review

The time has come for another tea review. It seems I haven’t done one since the good old English breakfast tea, and I’ve actually got a few posts stocked up ready to go (I say that a lot, but trust me, you don’t know how many drafts I have!)

Now this tea has a little story behind it. When I left sixth form last year my lovely chemistry teacher have me a ‘uni survival kit’ with tea bags, hot chocolate, this pretty mug in the photos, and pens and post it notes and stuff. She’s so cute! I miss her loads.

Anyway, onto the tea.

The sachet is a great design, bold and colourful, with beautifully paired colours of yellow and deep crimson lettering. (I base a lot of the teas quality on packaging – what can I say, I’m a designer!)DSC_0709 DSC_0718 DSC_0723 DSC_0727 DSC_0733 The tea bag itself is a simple square, but of a really nice quality material (I have no idea what it is, but thick and rustic looking). I’ve said before, but I’ll say it again, I love the tea bags that have tags on them! It’s just a little design element I’m totally in love with (I know, I’m a little crazy)

The tea ‘leaves’ as I’m calling them for want of a better word, are beautiful. Little gems of red, green quartz-like plant material, the deep tone in there too. One thing to also say is about the smell – it is gorgeous. Very gingery and spicy, and you can definately smell lemongrass.DSC_0739 DSC_0757 DSC_0772 DSC_0777 The brewing time is approximately 4 mins in boiling water, and it creates a surprisingly dark coloured liquid. I have to say it looks quite magical when you pour the water over it and all the red swirls around. At this stage it smells delicious, but very like a herbal tea, so basically – grassy.DSC_0818Now, onto the taste of the tea. I’m afraid to say that the taste does not live up to the impression I got from all the smells and colour of the tea. It was very… herbal. and I’m not the biggest fan of simple herbal teas, so I could basically just taste grass. Well, I say just, that’s a little exaggeration. There was a beautiful taste of lemongrass and ginger, the spicy aromatic tang you expect, but then it just gets rounded off by grassiness – ie not to my taste.
DSC_0828 DSC_0838

With my pretty rose plucked from the garden (gosh I’m so aesthetic aha) I still managed to enjoy my cup of tea, and it was actually quite refreshing. I can imagine it would be great if you had a cold to soothe your throat and clear your sinuses, and ginger is reputed to ease indigestion.

This is my summary:

review card

Thank you for reading this post, and please do try this tea!

Love Jasmine x

P.S, check out my previous reviews, English breakfast and Serene Jasmine Green.



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