I’m Living Dead : Making My Halloween Costume

Considering it’s halloween on Saturday, I’ve started making my halloween costume!

Halloween is pretty much a godsend for me, you get to dress up, eat themed food, and not be judged maliciously by your peers on it. I’ve always loved thematic dressing up, my sixteenth birthday party being a 1920s murder mystery party, so I just use this ‘spooky’ time of the year as an excuse to smoother on crazy makeup and sew some awesome clothes!

My choice for this year is Marina and the diamonds as ‘Electra Heart’, the iconic figure of Marina’s music and second album. More about this later in the week.

At the moment I’m kind of in love with pastel colours, which is part of the whole ‘Electra Heart’ look, and gives me a great excuse to draw a heart on my cheek (like I’ve always wanted to!)

I decided to make a t shirt that had one of Marina’s lyrics on, to make it obvious who I was impersonating. I had to choose living dead didn’t I, because, you know – Zombies!?! I created this graphic with help of a few other images and text, I made it all lilacy and glittery, which embodies the spirit of electra heart (but is a little too ‘kawaii’ for my usual taste, if you get what I mean)


I'm living dead

To transfer this image onto my simple white crop top, I printed it onto transfer paper, which you can buy from a lot of crafty places. You have to print it out backwards so you get it the right way round when you iron it!

DSC_0385 After ironing and leaving to cool, I peeled the backing paper off seeing my design stay on the t shirt. I’ve only done this a couple of time when I was younger, so I had a lot of girlish excitement when I saw my image printed on my top! And you know, it’s always great when something you do goes right.DSC_0388 I’m really happy with the result, and can’t wait to make the rest of my halloween costume.DSC_0390

Stay tuned this week for more making and the final outcome look!

Love as always,

Jasmine x


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