Who loves autumn? pretty much anyone who is blessed with an aesthetic mind. Who can blame us – the colours, the textures, the smells, the tastes, the sensations of autumn are alive with creativity.

This post is basically just a note of praise to my favourite season, and a chance to ramble about one of my favourite things:


DSC_0528In our kitchen right now, and as soon as the season turned, we have bowls full of chestnuts, ready to be peeled and eaten. You may wonder how we get so many of them? Well, my grandma has a dog which she walks everyday in various areas of our countryside, and at this time of year she collects chestnuts, which she gives to us in bucket loads. We collect our own occasionally, but now we’re all older there’s not as much time. Searching for chestnuts in dense woods will always be a favourite childhood memory, and this season is so nostalgic for me, chestnuts being symbolic of this!


Also, I’d like to point out that at the moment our kitchen looks like a pop-art version of a Cezanne still life! This is literally how aesthetic it is, I didn’t even have to rearrange it to look better. I just couldn’t resist showing off these colourful photos.

DSC_0522  Have you been/will you guys be collecting chestnuts this year? Please comment, as I love a little chat! DSC_0533


I would also like to apologise for my slight lack in posts recently, college has gotten really busy, and sometimes you don’t feel like stopping to write a blog post, you just get swept up in the moment!

Hehe, anyway, I’ll update you guys on my artwork and goings on soon, hope you enjoyed the post, and see ya later.

Jasmine x

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