Culottes and Crops


Today’s outfit post features a simple look, that is definitely a go-to when I want to be stylish. I find it’s great to wear when you’re feeling a little poorly – or when you want to casually throw something on and still have a ‘put together’ look – as it’s so comfortable and relaxed.

Culottes always look arty, so you achieve an elegant look, while the casual canvas shoes and cute crop top add the edge and casualness you need! (the backpack just makes this into an even more child-like image.)

To dress it up a little, add your favourite statement or pendant necklace and swap the shoes for heels or wedges.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you haven’t already, please find me on Lookbook! Also, for anyone interested, my Instagram is here, where I’ll be blogging (wifi permitting) about my next week where I’m in Barcelona! I’m super excited : )

Jasmine x



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