Hey guys! I’ve been fairly inactive as of late, but I do have some good reasons. I’ve been to Barcelona (posts coming soon) and been whizzing around the country to various university open days, and just had my assessment week at college.

A few weeks ago it was the UCAS fair in London’s ExCeL centre, to which flocked schools and colleges from all around hoping to get their hands on a few free bags, (oh and uni course information). This was my collection of bags, and there were quite a few cute little freebies to go with them. I’m the sort of girl who’s obsessed with small items like this – what can I say, I’m a designer!



I managed to get a badge, teabag and pencil from Hereford uni’s stand! A ual pen (oh how posh), a really cute little pencil pot from Lincoln, and a really clever pack of cards from Huddersfield which showed all the courses and tutors on each card.

As for prospectuses, there where some really pretty ones, and I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but I collect them to use as material for collaging etc. There was a really intriguing prospectus printed on newsprint from Bournemouth. Also from Bournemouth was this selection of cards that you can use to slot together and build something. How cool is that? they had examples of people work on them, and are very colourful, so I might actually have to select a few for my bedroom wall…


I found Lincoln uni through this open day, and I’m glad I did as it’s currently one of my favourites! College is getting serious now, UCAS application and everything…

Thanks for reading, I’ll be posting more regularly now,

Jasmine x


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