O’ Christmas Tree

Happy New Year all!

Christmas is a time for family and relaxing so I hope nobody opposes my inactivity on here over these last few weeks!

As the twelfth night approaches (tomorrow) it will soon be time to take down the Christmas tree. It’s always a sad occasion as we’ve had this festive installment in our house for 3 weeks, and it has become, as they say, a part of the furniture. I always take this opportunity to take some pictures using light, as some of you might know from my little experiment in playing with fire(works), I have a thing for light photography. Excuse any bad shots or ones that need work, it is just experimenting!

Currently I’m obsessed with neon and bright colours and metallic and glittery things… oh Christmas tree I salute you for fulfilling my aesthetic wishes!


let me know in the comments if you like these, and also if you’ve had a good Christmas!

Roll on 2016


Jasmine x


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