New Year

Well, it’s now 2016! yay! New years eve was fun wasn’t it, have a good time everybody? Anyway, this is what I wore.

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it in the New Look sale, and when I tried it on I felt like a princess, very slim fitting with a beautiful but slightly alternative floral pattern. I had to adjust it a lot to account for my shortness, by bringing up the hem and shortening the straps a lot (I mean a lot). When I first tried it on it took a lot to convince myself to buy it, as I thought I’d never wear it, and always being a bit conscious of my height and slightly larger thighs I thought it was just toooo slim for me. But because it fitted so well around the waist it just gave me such an elegance that I felt beautiful in it. Don’t you just love a dress like that? I chose this for new years eve because I was going to a cocktail party and it seemed appropriate.

I paired it with these retro looking shoes, and this lovely cardigan I recently bought from H&M. I love the colour it is, and it’s a quirky piece to have in your wardrobe, which is always great isn’t it!

So here I am in an evidently staged shoot with a glitter filter – why not…




I also have something else to celebrate…

I’VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR A YEAR. I pretty much completely ignored my anniversary, which was coincidentally on the 1st of January. I can’t really believe that I’ve kept blogging up this long, I mean I can barely keep a diary for more than a month… I know I haven’t been posting at a constant rate, but I’ve done over 52 posts, which means above the average of 1 per week for a year! yay! I’m so grateful for everyone that’s followed my blog, and liked my posts, and spent the time to leave a comment, I thank and love you all! This blog has actually helped to change my life, and been a part of my dreams for many years, and I’ve finally achieved it.


Please go and see my look over at Lookbook.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed here, but I’ve cut my hair short! what do you guys think of it?

Thanks again,


Jasmine x


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