What I Got For Christmas

I don’t want to seem like a materialistic person, but I loved the Christmas presents I got this year! I always get overwhelmed with gratitude that people spent their time and money to buy me something (or even better make) that I actually love. I’m quite fussy and have very specific interests, but my family knows me so well that they can make me smile with their gifts.

Arty Things – obviously one of my main interests is art, so I got given some cool new stuff (also check out my post on new art materials).
I have a rather large selection of watercolours. Being in tubes is actually really useful for doing washes and things that require more pigment, which is great because I got some watercolour wash brushes (the big ones) that I’ve been wanting! There’s also some technique brushes which have strange shapes, which will be cool to try out.
One of the other things I asked my mum for was a waterbrush, which is this cool thing where it holds water in it and when you paint with the bristles it gently releases the water. How cool is that! (sorry I’m having an art-nerdy moment) great for use with watercolour pencils.

Another interesting thing I got was an electric powered eraser (say what?), which is actually very vicious. It works really well for rubbing out, but I will say it uses up a lot of eraser to rub out a small area…

Now, my friend was so sweet and gave me a little box of goodies, and in that was this cool adult colouring book, which I will take on the plane to New York when I go in March (I wanted to relate that information to you more dramatically than that, just pretend I didn’t say that!) She also got me a small canvas which I will use to do something on for my room (having a redecoration hopefully in the near future, yet some more news I want to tell you in more dramatic circumstances!)





Foodie stuff – what’s Christmas without food!

The same friend I mentioned earlier always, every year, gives out treat bags, isn’t she brilliant! This year it was boxes, and she stuffed it with candy canes and chocolate buttons and other cute sweets!

I’ve recently fallen in love with nougat, this Tescos finest nut chocolate and blossom honey flavour is absolutely delicious and like you’re eating something fit for a queen.

Turkish delight, oh why are you so tasty and beautiful! I find it so hard to bite into the little jewels as they are so pretty, but I’m afraid I can’t restrain myself in the end and am like Edmund in Narnia… the box I git these in is so pretty and makes me feel even more like I’m transported into Narnia (my biggest dream), my mum knows how to make me happy!

My dad got me this orange from Waitrose because of the wrapping around it, as he knew I’d like it, how sweet!






Books and stuff – okay so only one of these is a book!

As I’m going to new work in March, part of this trip is being paid by my parents as part of my Christmas present, and they got me this guide book, which is actually really useful! (so, so, so excited)

The Black Swan is one of those films I’ve never really intended to watch, but will probably enjoy it when I get round to it. Part of the reason my mum got it for me was because she wanted to watch it!

Every Christmas we get one of these snow experiments, which you just add water to and you get lots of fake fluffy snow. At least in some way we got a white Christmas…



Green tea toiletries – very specific I know, but I actually can be that specific with my specific presents with my specific interests. Everyone knows that I love tea, especially green tea, and the smell of tea? even better!

I really wanted this perfume from the body shop as I’d tried it and it smelt gorgeous – a real citrus scent with floral tones to it.

The soap is also of the same scent, and exfoliating.

The bath salts were from my sister, who is clearly giving me the hint I stink 😉 they are also a beautiful colour.



Trinkets and novelties – I love a good novelty I do!

I got a cocktail jar thingy, which is cool! I think it will be useful for infusing water as I can keep a small amount in the fridge easily and it’s fairly ‘on the go’. I would keep a look out for this object in future posts, I can tell I will use it!

The small blue cup and saucer are mainly for decorative purposes, as I have a collection of trinkets along the same theme, (also they will be displayed nicely in my room once it is redecorated)

This espresso cup is another to add to my growing collection of espresso cups, as another thing as well as tea that I love, is coffee! I’m seriously thinking of having an espresso party, who wants to come 😉

Tea is definitely a theme throughout my presents, these cute measuring cups are just adorable, aren’t they? I’m thinking of DIYing some candles into them, as that would be cute for my room (will blog that if I do)

this beautiful glass object is actually a Christmas tree ornament, but I’m just going to keep it as a pretty thing in my room as it’s not overtly Christmassy.



Tea things – Well, what can I say, I must really like tea! It’s lovely to get themed presents though, as you can actually use them, rather than just having a load of random items.



Tea – I got some green tea with Jasmine flowers in, how appropriate. And I got some earl grey in posh tea bags. I also got a tea caddy with loose earl grey in, which I love, and it has a fancy pattern on the side.


Tea set – probably the favourite part of my presents was the tea set. This includes a glass teapot! I’ve been wanting one for a while and this is so beautiful.

The tea cup and saucer are actually my first teacup and saucer, which is actually quite surprising. The design on them is inspired by a fabric collection in the V&A, which makes these really special.

My mum is great at themed presents, and to go with the teapot and tea cup she got a milk jug and sugar bowl. To complete the whole thing she gave me some gorgeous vintage sugar tongs, and of course some sugar cubes!



I don’t have a proper tea tray yet, this is it just on the lid of a box.



I’m super pleased with these gifts I received and hoped people like my gifts as much as I liked these.

What did you guys get for christmas that you loved? I’d love to see similar posts on your blogs, just give me a link!


Jasmine x

Posts coming soon – New year, Barcelona, a new tea review, new years resolutions and much more planned content! stay tuned 🙂


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