I Resolve To…

I resolve to stop doing…. nothing! I’m only being positive with my resolutions this year, as I’m already happy with my life, I don’t want to stop doing things! Only new things and healthy productive habits are what I want to start.

I’ve decided on little things that I want to do each day, to better improve my general health and work efficiency. Here is what I have/do each day:

  1. Green tea – or black tea with no milk. Basically because I need to drink more and I don’t like just plain water, also because most of what I do drink is milky tea and coffee, which can be quite a high percentage of my fat intake. Also because of green teas obvious health benefits.
  2. Tidy room – my room is a mess, and I always say to counteract my dad’s moaning, that a creative mind is rarely tidy. However, it has just got to the point of stupidity and inefficiency. Tackling a little bit of tidying a day will make this laborious task go quicker, and allow me time to ‘clear my mind’ as well as my room.
  3. Sketchbook work – as I start college in the afternoon, I often fall into the temptation of sleeping in late, and then I don’t have a lot of time before I leave for college to do a substantial amount of work. This is why I’m going to try and wake up earlier and get on with some sketchbook work, which is simple and not very taxing, but needs to be done! It will get me going to motivate my bigger bodies of work, and get the tasks that are not necessarily as enjoyable done.
  4. Read – I love reading, but recently I have been making no time for it as I’ve become busy with college and my downtime is spent elsewhere. I don’t specifically mean reading fiction, maybe just an interesting blog article or some further reading for college. I’ve just got to try and introduce this back into my life.
  5. Write in journal – my diary has actually been going for a few years, but I don’t write in it everyday, and sometimes I regret that. I think just a few words a day will be good for remembering these times, and also explore my feelings in the present. Writing is always a good skill and I need to keep up my creative writing (also work on my stories). This is my cute little journal, which looks like the cover of a famous book (which I haven’t read).
  6. Draw/sketch/paint – to just put a few moments aside for non college art will get me working in more disciplines and motivate me. I will also use this to decorate my room when I redesign it (after I’ve tidied it)
  7. Household chore – living with my parents has its advantages, as I don’t have to look after a whole house by myself (uni will be a shock haha), but I think I need to start helping out a bit more. I already do my own laundry and ironing, but I should probably try cooking a bit more.
  8. College online stuff – I always leave the online presentation of work and research to the last minute, and there’s no need for me to do that. I have to keep up to date with my research on Pinterest and sharing this on my college blog, which I need to write more on. See my blog here.Untitled-1
  9. Plan tomorrow – to mentally and physically prepare myself for the next day, be that by a list or just preparing my outfit, will help me get set up every day so I can motivate myself!


I hope this has inspired you to start doing new things to change your life in simple ways, maybe you’re already doing similar things to me?


Jasmine x


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