Zara and Topshop Skirt Haul


My two absolute favourite shops are Zara and Topshop, their clothes are just perfect and I always want to buy pretty much everything in their stores (with the exception of leopard print items). Unfortunately I can only really afford to buy from there in the sale, or limit myself to special statement pieces at full price, then stock up the rest of my wardrobe with H&M and New look.

I recently went to browse through the remaining sale items, and got these gorgeous skirts, all for less than £25! Skirts are always needed in my wardrobe, as I never wear trousers so can’t fall back on a simple pair of jeans, but have to coordinate and mix up my choice of skirt with each top/jumper I wear.



I can’t wait to include these in some future outfits, inspiration has already struck!

Who else loves Zara and Topshop?


Jasmine x


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