University application


Well, I’ve applied for university! So far I have got two online portfolio requests and two interviews, and am getting wonderfully stressed about it all!

I’ve applied for product design at Central st Martins and Lincoln, product and furniture design at Kingston, sustainable product design at Falmouth, and 3D design at Plymouth. They all look really good courses and unis and I’ll be happy at any of them.

When I went to St Martins open day I got really motivated, so I’m aiming high by applying there. I believe I’m good enough, but I realise it’s a tough application process and I’m likely to not be successful. I’m still pushing myself for this application though as it will be a good experience.

I haven’t actually visited Falmouth or Plymouth before, except for being down there for a holiday. These two interviews are a few days apart, so me and my dad are going to stay down in Cornwall as the journey is too long to come back home and then drive back out. It will be fun because I can look around the places better and get a feel for them, and it’ll be like a mini holiday!

I’m still waiting to hear from Lincoln, which I’m a bit apprehensive about because I want to be well prepared for my interview as it’s one of my favourite unis. Oh well, I hope that means it’s a little later in the year.

I’m very busy at the moment working on these online portfolios for st Martins and Kingston, alongside my project at college, but it’s exciting and I’m so glad I’ve got this opportunity!

Anyone got any advice or experiences of uni applications and interviews?

Love Jasmine x


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