50 Tasks

50 tasks is the name of a recent college project where you have to complete, yes you guessed it, 50 tasks!

This has been so fun as it’s allowed me to be creative and innovative and try things I normally wouldn’t have done. There are some tasks that are contenders for going in my uni portfolio, or inspiring other ideas to create to include.

I’ve posted all my entries (okay not all, it’s a work in progress) on this blog over on tumblr (sorry WordPress lol), so please do take a look. The numbers correspond to the numbers from the list we were given, so you can ignore those! I will also be posting a few of my favourites on this site so you can all see! (aren’t I lovely)

If any of you are arty, or even if you’re not, why not have a go at these yourself! Use the tasks I did for my 50, or think up your own, it’s a great why to break designers block and get you motivated! I’d love to see any you do create, so don’t be shy to contact me.

See you soon,

Love Jasmine x



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