Adventures in Cornwall: St Ives


Hiya everyone! I’ve recently been offline, because I’ve been in the cornwall area. The main purpose was for two of my University interviews, but I also stayed there for a bit of a holiday! I thought I’d share some pictures of my little adventures. I’ll be letting you know how the interviews went at a later date!


St Ives

The main place I love about Cornwall is the town of St Ives. It seems so quaint, with little streets leading down the hill, all the unique houses, and the beautifully greeny blue sea (which is a lot nicer than the brown sea I get near me). I’m not normally one for seaside places, but I think St Ives just has a beauty about it, that makes me forget all the tourists, all the themed cafes (who ever thought that hanging seaweed from the ceiling and having fishing nets would make me want to eat my food), and all the paddling screaming kids…

I was really lucky with the weather, because the sun came out and lit up all the white and blue aesthetic around me, but it was still very cold (It’s a British February for goodness sake).


There was a little souvenir shop (which in my opinion is mainly tacky), but they had colourful shells hanging from the ceiling. It’s little details like this that I love.



I always love the buildings in St Ives, some modern and dramatic, others quaint and seaside-esque, but I’ve noticed that a lot of them are set at different levels, and have interesting quirks about them to accommodate the (extremely) sloping hill down to the seafront. I also love that the main colour scheme is white – giving off a clean and fresh feeling, and being very simple. Writing on buildings is actually one of my photography collections (I seriously have like a collection of everything), so there’s an interesting few to be found in St Ives.


There was this really cute little bakery down one of the little cobbled streets. I reeeeeally wanted one of those meringues…



Barbara Hepworth

In St Ives there is a museum about Barbara Hepworth, which is sited in her old studios. They’re set in a beautiful garden, and her works are on display.




There’s also a greenhouse with some of her sculptures in. I have a thing about greenhouses – I love them. They combine white walls, glass, sunlight, plants, and that shabby look of peeling paint and gardening tools. With a few pieces of art in there as well, how could I not like this space! Also, check out these chairs, and Jasmine flowers climbing the walls.


Another great part about this museum is that you can see into part of Hepworth’s studio, with all her tools and everything laying around. It really is showcasing the beauty and raw simplicity of a messy artists studio. As I’ve always said, you can’t have creativity without messiness (at least that’s my excuse)… I love the selection of plaster splattered jackets and overalls on the door, I need to get myself some to take to uni!



I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos, I’ll be sharing more of my trip  soon, but I’m at a very busy and hectic time at college what with interviews, portfolio work, and starting my final major project!

have any of you been to St Ives? I seriously recommend it if you haven’t!

See you soon, Love,

Jasmine x



6 thoughts on “Adventures in Cornwall: St Ives

  1. I was just saying the other day I would love to visit cornwall. I am in love with the ocean and the water looks so clear and beautiful there. Also the minnack theatre there would be lovely to visit. Your photos make me want to travel there wven more!

    So far my favourite beach in the uk has been brighton but ill be going to wales for school soon and hope there will be some nice seaside towns there 🙂


    • The sea and the beaches in Cornwall are honestly beautiful, you should definitely make a trip down there! I’ve heard Wales is nice, never been there myself x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! Cornwall is high, high, high on my bucket list of places to see. Actually, it’s my desktop background right now. = )

    I enjoyed the jaunt around St. Ives, through your artistic eyes!


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